Fuel system mod ideas

As I work through Madeye, I get lots of ideas. Rather than come up with them and forget about em, I decided to start adding them to this page for future reference.

Fuel system mods

I was watching an interview with the CEO of Kraken Yachts and he discussed his reasons and mods to the fuel systems. In particular, he discussed his reasons for holding tanks and running tanks with polishing built in between them.

Keenan Filters MK60DP used on the Kraken 50. (The 50 appears to use at least two of these)

The polisher in the Kraken 50 appears to be the MK60DP made by Keenan Filters – and at least a pair of them from this photo. This is a nice unit, it appears to be in house made filter housings with racor elements. Especially nice is the integrated pump and vacuum gauge and electric solenoids for remote filter selection.

The Ericson 46 came with a pair of stainless 25 gallon tanks from the factory. These live under the floor in the owners cabin. (Note to brain: add photo of this sometime) The PO did install a single Racor.

In a different video, I found a very interesting DIY system that’s installed on a Kelly Peterson 44 named Dogfish. That system uses four racor 230R filters (with aluminum bowls) with racor/parker vacuum gauges equipped with drag needles. The gauge allows assessment of filter state – if the vacuum from the diesel fuel pump rises, then it’s working harder and it’s time to switch. Valves allow easy switching between filter systems. This is really nice as it allows filter swapping while underway without cracking the system open.